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Software Above the Level of a Single Device | 18/Apr/2010

This week, we looked at software that goes above the level of a single device.  In simple terms, devices that perform the functions of two or more unique devices a few years ago contain software that makes this possible.  Some examples were outlined, and I took from these examples and did some of my own research – ultimately to determine what else in the market fits this criteria.

A current example of software that goes above the level of a single device is that contained in the new Nintendo DSi XL.  The latest handheld console from Nintendo allows traditional games to be played, with the added advantage of internet access through its embedded browser.  It is an excellent example of a device with software that goes beyond the level of a single device because of its interconnectivity with wireless networks.

It also takes software interoperability to a new level with its support for older GameBoy Advance games through what Nintendo calls its DSiShop.  This is a strong practice that is being used by most console manufacturers – and adds life to games that would’ve traditionally become obselete and difficult to obtain with the development of newer consoles.

For a summary of its features, please check out http://nintendods.com/meet-dsi-xl-specs.jsp


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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I suppose Nintendo is somehow giving their users a chance to go back to the times when they first started to play games, which are the good memories. The same thing for Wii. 🙂

    Which I think will create more business opportunities. 🙂 I love games! Someday I will get it too. Although I have a DS lite already. 😛


    Comment by iamjoannalim — 18/Apr/2010 @ 10:47 pm

    • I have a DS lite too! 😀 – Play the new Pokemon game, it’s awesome!

      And yep, I’m fully aware that my reply has NOTHING to do with this blog topic… 😛

      Thanks for your comment!

      Comment by dan12123 — 18/Apr/2010 @ 11:18 pm

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