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Richer Web Experiences | 27/Mar/2010

This week, we looked at Richer Web Experiences and how they have entered almost every facet of the web.  As much as I could write a blog about richer web experiences sounding the death knell for desktop applications, I have actually found it more interesting to research some of the different technologies that have been developed to bring richer web experiences.

In fact, I recently came across this survey at StatOwl (http://www.statowl.com/custom_ria_market_penetration.php).  There are two things that this survey demonstrates:

  1. That Adobe Flash is has maintained its popularity among web developers
  2. That Microsoft Silverlight is slowly gaining market share

To get an idea of what the differences are, and how Flash and SilverLight deliver richer web experiences, I did some research online.  I went to a gallery that featured Flash and Silverlight activities – see:  http://www.shinedraw.com/flash-vs-silverlight-gallery/

Interestingly enough, I found that Flash seems to offer better responsiveness than SilverLight.  For example, the throwing object example works in the following ways:

  • Flash: Moving the mouse at different speeds results in the objects being thrown more naturally (faster or slower, depending on mouse movement)
  • Silverlight: The objects aren’t as responsive to mouse slides and require the mouse to be held down when moving across the screen

As was demonstrated in the lecture earlier this week, performance and user functionality is very important in platforms that develop richer web experiences to the end user.  So with this in mind, the question I have is: can the dominance of Flash for delivering richer web experiences really be challenged by Microsoft?


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  1. I believe that yes, Microsoft has developed a suitable rival product to Adobe Flash – it will be a little while before web developers jump aboard though – does QUT even offer training in SilverLight? :O

    Comment by dan12123 — 27/Mar/2010 @ 9:17 pm

  2. Absolutely! If we compare everything Silverlight’s done so far in comparison to the very mature Adobe Flash, and Microsoft’s want to integrate some of the capabilities yearned for by developers, they’re each working at different levels of the spectrum. I’ve heard a lot of people argue that Flash is tailored far more toward creative applications, light interactivity, while Silverlight gears toward enterprise market. Either way, they’ll push each other into new and exciting avenues of development.

    Comment by Catherine — 07/Apr/2010 @ 11:04 pm

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